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A perfect circle, as if to symbolise a sphere of optimism that inspires positive thinking.
The steel We Positive necklace is nickel-free and designed to be worn by anyone, matching the style of those who always want to be fashionable with a touch of positive attitude!
Available in a range of patterns and colours, the necklace features a steel circle that stands out for the detail in real, untreated leather. The sphere contains a W+ pendant that makes this fashion accessory even more special.

SIZE: adjustable in two lengths
FEATURES: steel necklace with details in real, untreated leather; hypoallergenic; nickel-free; Made in Italy
We Positive necklaces transmit optimism with these positive phrases:
We Positive
Don’t worry be happy
Never look back
Today is a new day
Good Luck
Life is beautiful
Find somebody to love
Just remember to smile
Lucky star
Be positive, strong and brave
Never feel alone
Be friendly
Always choose life
Life is a gift
Feel good
Proud of you
Choose to live your life better
If you smile at life, life smiles back at you
Be yourself
Have a nice day
Find somebody to love
Respect yourself
Life is good, enjoy it
You are the best
After rain comes sun

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