A friend in need is a friend indeed, if you can cherish you will have a great richness.
Friendship is a precious bond to strengthen and take care of every day: discover its value, you just need little things. With the “Friendship” collection you can say “I love you” with timeless and affectionate thoughts.
It’s made of 20 one-colour and adjustable bracelets, made in Italy, with Italian and English quotes.
Unisex fine leather bracelets are inspired by We Positive philosophy: create a fashion, timeless accessory, designed to be perfect on every outfit and completely made in Italy.


We’ve been friends for so long… I can’t remember which one is the better influence
Good friends are those who pick you up when the world lets you down
You and I are more than just friends… We’re a little gang
Dear bestfriend, I don’t know how to thank you, but I’m lucky to have you in my life
You warm my soul, and I am blessed to have your friendship. 


SIZE: adjustable
MEASUREMENTS: 0,6 cm x 90 cm
FEATURES: real, untreated leather bracelet; hypoallergenic; nickel-free; Made in Italy

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