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A very special hand stitched embroidery trim with charms makes a unique addition to the positive vibes of this beautiful collection. .

One might even call it a love affair…. to taste the flavours of the sweet delectable gelato in Italy is to experience joy. Be reminded of the sweetness of life with this fresh Gelato Bar collection color palette.

put good intention into your every action
follow your heart
live simply and simply live
discover your courage sailing through the storm
explore your inner beauty
be proud of your smallest accomplishments
live your best life, be your best you
realize how blessed you are
share moments that create memories
be your authentic self
stay in the moment where happiness exists

SIZE: adjustable

MEASUREMENTS: 0,6 cm x 90 cm

– real, untreated leather bracelet

– hypoallergenic and nickel-free
– Made in Italy
– bracelet charms in the shape of a padlock, heart, ladybird and baguette

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