Love” is the romantic collection, thought to remind the person you love your unique bond. It’s made of 20 one-colour bracelets proposing the most well-known love aphorism and it’s the perfect gift for the one who makes your heart beat.You’ll be able to say “I love you” in all the expressions of the world.


Talking with something greater means you’ll never feel alone and you’ll have your own bearings guiding you in your everyday decisions. Spirituality words are a precious guide in living life. “Spirituality” collection carries you with the most beautiful Christian prayers or with Buddhist karma precepts.


Connections that warm your heart. A friend in need is a friend indeed, if you can cherish you will have a great richness.
Friendship is a precious bond to strengthen and take care of every day: discover its value, you just need little things.
The collection is made of 20 bracelets, 10 with Italian expressions and 10 with English ones.


Express your potential at your best and throw in the melee. Pass your limits. When you want to do your best, Motivational is the collection that reminds you can do everything and reach your goals.
10 bracelets with Italian expressions and 10 in English version: an explosion of positivity for you and the
ones you love.