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    A friend in need is a friend indeed, if you can cherish you will have a great richness.
    Friendship is a precious bond to strengthen and take care of every day: discover its value, you just need little things. With the “Friendship” collection you can say “I love you” with timeless and affectionate thoughts.
    It’s made of 20 one-colour and adjustable bracelets, made in Italy, with Italian and English quotes.
    Unisex fine leather bracelets are inspired by We Positive philosophy: create a fashion, timeless accessory, designed to be perfect on every outfit and completely made in Italy.


    L’amicizia nasce nel momento in cui una persona dice ad un’altra: Cosa? Anche tu? Credevo di essere l’unica.
    Ci sono persone a cui vuoi bene, istintivamente da subito… Come se fosesro parte della tua vita da sempre
    Tu sei una di quelle persone che s’incontra quando la vita decide di farti un regalo

    SIZE: adjustable
    MEASUREMENTS: 0,6 cm x 90 cm
    FEATURES: real, untreated leather bracelet; hypoallergenic; nickel-free; Made in Italy

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